TLM_homepage_happyemmetThis is not a review. No spoilers. Just some thoughts on the movie.

I haven’t written any blog post of any kind yet, so it might seem strange to start with this, a text about The Lego Movie. I believe this is completely random. The fact is that I just needed to start with something. I want to write more and this just happens to be a moment of inspiration. So, here I go.


I finished shooting a short film for Adriaan de Man a few weeks back. It’s called ‘Ontsnappen en Wederkeren’. It’s a short film about Veenhuizen a community in the north of the Netherlands. Adriaan is graduating from the Design Academy in Eindhoven and this one of his two graduation works.

I also finished shooting for Cholena de Koningh. See wrote a short film about two sister and their relationship with their parents. This will be shown at the Gerrit Rietveld graduation show 2014.


Making of Bounden

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Latest episode above

The last few weeks I’ve been making short behind the scenes videos for Game Oven’s “Bounden”. A two player mobile dancing game. Adriaan asked me to make these and a promo for the game before he started development. More information about the game can be found here: and here: and everywhere on the fucking internet, like here:


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Some info.

This is the short film that I presented at the Graduation show on the Gerrit Rietveld Academy this year. This is an edited shorter version, this will now be the final version of the film. My aim was to create a unique feeling of time and place through minimal means. With a concentration on camera movement.

If you want the full experience, head over to vimeo and download the big version.

Some production notes.

This was shot on Canon C100 and 5D Mark III with Magic Lantern raw. I was lucky enough to have a friend who just bought a 5D III, because otherwise I would have had to rent a camera. I was also lucky that the guys at Magic Lantern just released the raw hack and I was able to use it. I was figuring out how to work with it (and how to work around it!) while I was shooting this film. It’s a real pain in the ass but the images are beautiful.

Most of this was shot with Steadicam and stabilised in After Effects with the Warp Stabiliser. It sort of became a Warp Stabiliser showcase film, because it leans heavily on the plugin to be able to create the feeling I was after. Anyone how knows Warp will definitely spot it’s unique artefacts, but these can be interpreted as intentional! :P. Color was done with a mix of Filmconvert and Adobe camera raw. I’ve added in way too much noise and my harddisk got stolen so there’s no way to do this over. I think I’ll just have to make the film again or incorporate the scene into something bigger. Sound was mixed in surround at the Rietveld with an improvised setup. This version however is in stereo. I wanted the sound to have a hyper real quality to it. I did this by recording all the sound on the exact same locations but not in sync and synced it later in post. There is some very aggressive surround panning going on to emphasise the feeling of the movement.

Overall I’m fairly pleased.

I’ve made quite some works during my time at the Rietveld but this is still my personal favourite. Definitly not because of my effort, most of this is pure improvisation. I just gave these two guys a little backstory for their characters, chose the location and let them do their thing. This was made for the assignment ‘Space’ in the first year of VAV at the Rietveld academie.

What I tried to do was have them talk about the space, but not in any direct way. There were a few rules they had to follow. I gave both of them a simple character sketch and a short story about how they related to each other and what they did the night before. I also told them to talk about what the surroundings made them think of. This way they would describe the space, this car graveyard in a very indirect way.

Filmed on a Canon 550D and only a Zuiko 21mm f3.5. Graded with Filmconvert. Sound was done with a terribly improvised wireless setup. One receiver went straight into the camera and the other went into an insanely cheap dictaphone, which is why either of the two sound like shit half of the time.