I’m Gilles van Leeuwen. I’m making films and photography for fun. I do cinematography work and I make corporate videos for money. I’m writing a tv series with my friend @zepgiuseppe and I graduated from the Gerrit Rietveld academy in 2013. I have a video production company called Mill & Mist.

Now and Again in Wassenaar

Short film

A short film about a chance encounter between a young diplomat and strange man in Wassenaar.

For the exhibition ‘Sur le Motif’ in Wassenaar (27 September to 9 November in Raadhuis De Paauw) I was asked to make a short film about Wassenaar. Or at least with Wassenaar as some part of the film. With very little time and a great deal of improv I’ve created this short film together with Giuesepep de Bruijn, Teun Hermsen and Dawson Chiang.

The music in the short is an excerpt from Risen by Erik Post. More nice tunes on his soundcloud: soundcloud.com/erik-post

TinType Studio


Short video for a lecture by Went&Navarro on their Tintype Studio project in FOAM Amsterdam (NL), I made a small movie to explain the process of creating a tintype.

Designers and imagemakers, Went& Navarro are experimenting with an old photographic process from around 1850. It’s a real hands-on process called Wet Plate Collodion. It was not intended as so, but this seems to create the perfect balance between their (mostly) digital work and their designer fascination for the tactile. What started as a bit of an awkward hobby, now becomes a ongoing project that encourages them to explore the overlap between image and object. Find them on  Facebook.

Of course making Tintypes and Ambrotypes is not all they do, so for other work you can check out www.wentennavarro.nl

Ontsnappen & Wederkeren


For his graduation at the Design Academy in Eindhoven good friend Adriaan de Man had to make a work connected to Veenhuizen. A small community in the north of the Netherlands established in the 18th century.

Adriaan decided to create a short film about two prisoners who escape, but have to turn back because they have no idea how to survive outside of the prison.

We spend 2 days in Veenhuizen filming.

Bounden gameplay trailer


Game Oven‘s whimsical dancing game for two players, with choreography by the Dutch National Ballet. Twist and twirl elegantly, or get entangled with a friend.

From the blog

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